MS Symptoms

Representing clients in Social Security Disability Claims.

MS symptoms are most notably bladder problems, emotional changes, fatigue, pain, tremors, walking and standing, vertigo, dizziness, and spasticity. The MS symptoms alone can be disabling, as your MS disability attorneys our job is to let Social Security disability know about these symptoms, these symptoms are in addition to issues that arise from the strong medications such as interferon that you must take as part an MS  medical plan. Understanding the MS symptoms is the first step we take in being strong MS disability attorneys for you.

The MS symptoms can be gradual at first,  some of our clients do not apply for their Social Security disability until the disease has progressed very far, we encourage people to file much earlier, when the severe symptoms begin it is nice to know that we have a clients case further along, than if they had waited to file their MS disability claim. As MS disability attorneys we strive hard to give my clients good disability information based on our years of experience.

It is important that a claimant tell Social Security disability early on about their MS symptoms, what you write early on in your MS disability claim will remain in your disability file throughout the time of your claim. The MS symptoms are need to be explained to Social Security disability, it is not enough to hope they understand, it is your burden to prove to them that you are disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis. We work hard for each of our MS clients to tell Social Security disability about their individual MS symptoms.  You need to make Social Security disability understand your serious MS Symptoms.

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