MS Disability Application

Representing clients in Social Security Disability Claims.

There are several ways to make your MS disability application, the easiest way is by computer, however be prepared to answer long questions about every part of your life, and remember everything you put in your application will remain with your file forever. We help people with their MS disability application everyday, it does not cost anymore to have us from the very beginning of your MS application for disability. We will discuss each question with you and  properly explain to Social Security disability your condition and how it effects your ability to work and daily life.

An MS disability application can be overwhelming when struggling with MS,  it can be frustrating and incredibly time consuming, we try to take the worry out of your disability application, we use our experience to help you with the MS disability application. We have seen the same questions asked of  clients for the last 17 years in disability. Contact us today and get help with your MS disability application.

It is important to understand how the application works in your MS disability claim,  what may seem not so important on the application could be the difference in whether you are successful on your disability claim. Questions about your ability to walk, stand, sit, carry, crawl, stoop, bend, and over all health are but just a few of the lengthy questions involved in an MS disability application with the Social Security Administration. The government will also request other things of you after your application, let us take care of those things by being your MS disability attorneys, we are always available help in your disability claim.  Let us help you explain how MS affects daily life and working life to Social Security disability, contact us, we would be pleased to speak with you about your application or your intent to apply in the future.


Whether you are appealing your MS Disability Denial, MS Disability Application, MS cases of Relapsing and Remitting or MS Symptoms cases, our experienced Attorneys will help you defend your rights and fight for your interests. Contact us for a free consultation!