Appealing My MS Disability Denial

Representing clients in Social Security Disability Claims.

Many people are surprised that they get denied disability even though they suffer with MS and or Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately it is not at all unusual to get denied disability while suffering with MS, and MS symptoms. We have appealed many MS cases for clients, but there are deadlines to meet and forms to fill out, call us today if you have denied and suffer with MS, we would be pleased to speak with you about your MS claim. Many people say to us I am appealing my MS disability denial, why do I have to do this? Our answer is always the same, let us help you with your disability case.

There is a misinformation out there that people believe in regards to MS, if you have MS you will get disability, unfortunately this is very far from the truth. Most cases require large amounts of forms and medical records, Social Security disability does not just grant disability due to MS. There is a lot of work along the way, and many cases involving MS will require a hearing before a Federal Administrative Judge. We can help you at every step of the way, that is our job to assist you with appealing an MS disability denial.

Appealing an MS disability denial can be very complex, it is important that you describe your symptoms and how it affects your ability to work and function in everyday life. You will need to be prepared to answer questions about your symptoms, your doctors, your hospital and questions about your fatigue level. As your MS disability attorneys we can help you with all of these questions, it is our job as your attorney to assist you along the way in your MS disability appeal.

Please don’t delay and contact us today, there are deadlines for appealing your MS disability denial, let us take the worry away, call us today, there is never a fee to speak with us, there are no upfront costs, and there is never a fee if we are not successful on your MS disability claim. Get the help you deserve with your MS case. 

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If you suffer with MS, whether its flare ups, or relapsing and remitting, give us a call today, let us put our experience to work for you. All we do is Social Security Disability law, the law is complex and lengthy, don’t go it alone, there is never a fee to talk with us, we am only paid if we win your claim, and there are no upfront costs, that is our promise to you as your MS Disability Attorneys, call us today for help with your Multiple Sclerosis disability claim.


Whether you are appealing your MS Disability Denial, MS Disability Application, MS cases of Relapsing and Remitting or MS Symptoms cases, our experienced Attorneys will help you defend your rights and fight for your interests. Contact us for a free consultation!